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Our Nursery Class

These are some of the activities we have been doing in Nursery this year! At the bottom of this page you can find some links to help support your child at home.



What a busy time we’ve had over the last few weeks. After listening to the story of Jack & the Beanstalk we planted some beans. Could they be magic beans? We have loved watering them and watching them grow, alongside the sunflowers and tomatoes we also planted. We will give them to our friends and family as part of the Great Seedling Giveaway on Green Day. Everyone will be wearing green!

Exploring in Paul’s Garden


Paul’s Garden is an exciting place to be. It’s like a secret woodland, full of mystery. We discovered bug houses, dens and even a pair of boots hanging from a tree! Who did they belong to, we wonder? We loved watching the water boatmen skating across the pond and spotting the water snails hiding amongst the lily pads.

Spring is here!


Our decorative tree has turned into a cherry tree! It is covered in our lovely pink blossom. Our creative cutting and sticking skills keep getting better and better!

World Book Day


We have been celebrating World Book Day in Nursery! We came in to Nursery in dressing up clothes, some of us dressed as our favourite book character. We love sharing books every day but today we had some special story time.

Theatre Trip


What an exciting day it was today! We went on a trip to see DragonBird Theatre’s truly magical show. What a wonderful time we had joining in with the actors.

The Birds are feeding


Over the next few weeks we are going to take part in the RSPB  Big Garden Birdwatch and see how many different types of bird we can count. We have put up pictures of birds in Nursery to help us get to know them and we have been busy making binoculars. The bird feeders we have made are hanging outside and we love to watch the birds feed from them. Our decorative tree is filling up with colourful felt birds, helping us practise our cutting and sticking skills with scissors and glue.

Getting ready for Christmas


It’s time to make preparations for Christmas. We have lots of lovely decorations up in Nursery and have been making some too! We have been busy singing Christmas songs and rhymes, and also been practising our music and storytelling for the Christmas Show. We can’t wait to dress up and show parents and carers!

Light and Dark


We have noticed a change in the colours of the leaves on the trees. We have found lots of leaves on the ground of the Nursery garden and have been brushing up big mounds of leaves. What beautiful colours they are!

It’s been fun creating dark dens inside and making shadows with the torches. When it gets really dark we go on a Torchlit Walk and see if we spot animals on the nocturnal animal trail! We love listening to stories about stars, space and rockets. Using our building blocks we have built space rockets and made beautiful chalk drawings of fireworks.

Getting to know each other


We have been settling in to our nursery routines. We have enjoyed getting to know our new friends. We have also been getting to know our key person through our play and adult led activities. We love singing time and taking part in the songs!